Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas

This year has been strange but also a year of learning. So very much a positive year in many ways and I sincerely hope you have all had a good and positive year too.

I’ve met some amazing people over the 12 months and so very many of them have been living with stress and sadness. They are courageous and don’t give up. They have taught me a great deal and I have nothing but respect for these people. At times their stories have pulled on my heart strings and I have questioned all my beliefs as to why people must suffer in the way they do. Often I have not been able to find the answers but what I have seen is brave and smiling faces as well as pride and joy in their children together with a determination to move forwards no matter what. Respect to you all and thank you for trusting me. Through these amazing people I have been reminded that the small things in life are just not worth spending time worrying about.

I have learnt this year too many people in one place is something I really struggle with. I spend much time alone at home, often working, but the peace I get from being solitary is amazing and I know when I am at public events or in very busy places with too many people my normal instinct is to hide. I can’t hide but if I protect myself and do the best I can to enjoy the time whilst I am there I can manage. It simply means I must accept being highly sensitive to others energies and do the very best I can to survive the onslaught of muddled emotions when so many are around.

My breathing has improved over the months due to continuing the strict and restricted way of eating. I can’t say it isn’t hard, it is but the easy bit is if I want to break my diet I can but the chances are I won’t be able to breath. I have been blessed with finding a wonderful Dr who has helped me to find the way to ensure I don’t have breathing problems. I have learnt that healthy to the point of stupidity, whilst being a pain and very embarrassing when eating out, is actually really good and I feel great so I have nothing to complain about. The other brilliant thing about it is I have linked via Instagram with some very amazing people on line who are a massive inspiration and I am grateful for their brilliant photos and genuine guidance. They inspiration has kept me on track.

So all in all this year has been full of fun, laughter, tears and learning and I am truly grateful for everything and everyone that has passed through my life.

I wish you all  joy, happiness, love and laughter over this festive season and everything that could possibly be positive as well for 2018.

Take care

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  1. Lovely summation of the year’s learning curve. Merry Christmas and here’s cheers to another insightful, wonderful year for us all in 2018! ❤️


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