Wishing Everyone a very happy Christmas and a special 2019!


What a year we have had!

We have met so many inspiring people throughout the year and I have certainly learnt a huge amount for which I am truly grateful. I never cease to be amazed at the courage and beauty of the human soul and for the strength that so many find when things are harsh.

I have laughed and cried my way through the year. Had problems with my breathing, although thankfully it is now rare as I do really keep to my very boring way of eating.

John and I are truly blessed and touched by the special, kind and caring people we have worked with throughout the year. We have met many new faces but also been especially blessed to speak with so many people who have come to us regularly over the years and who have so kindly supported what we do by recommending us to their friends and work colleagues.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has worked with me in Reiki, for the wonderful parties I have been invited to where there have been so many people to do readings for I have sometimes wondered if I would get them all done – especially as I am always running late after the first reading! – for those who have trusted me to do Past Life Regression with them and for all those who have trusted me enough to allow me to be their mentor and help them on their spiritual paths.

I have been blessed in being invited to give talks at the shows I have been to and, as always, been surprised at how many people come along and listen to my chaotic talks and who have had the courage to join in! Never an easy thing to do in a room full of strangers.

I have followed so many people on Insta to try I am Instagrammed out!! I have seen some amazing photos posted by awe inspiring photographers who are out there trying to save the planet and my dilemma is, as always, finding the time to look at everything they post. I just can’t do it so I delve in and out as time allows. There are also so many charities I have a dilemma as to which ones to support. Too many to choose from but I’m getting there.

Next year my aim is to spend more time working with spirit to enhance my connection as well as helping others along their path. Just like you I need to keep myself grounded and I need to be sure to work with my guides on a daily basis. However I also want to go out and play and just be a human every now and then. So if you see me in Shaftesbury or any other town and I am looking just like any other person, no make up etc. please don’t worry I’m just rushing around trying to do my shopping and get home before another appointment!

So I wish everyone a very joyous Christmas/holiday season and a very positive and harmonious 2019 and finally a massive thank you to everyone I have spoken with in 2018. I am truly blessed to have spent time with you all xxx


  1. I too am very blessed to have met you and John and will be forever grateful that I’ve had your help and friendship over the past couple of years. Hope to see you in New Orleans soon xxx


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