Thank You, Energies and Chakras

Having sent out a huge amount of emails to make sure I kept up with all laws, regulations etc I was very touched by the response to my email. So many of you have replied with such lovely warm wishes and very kind words that it seems totally ungrateful to just say thank you. My gratitude is huge and I am truly delighted at the response.

We have today pulled out of the pan – yes sorry it was that or a mixing bowl – the winner for a free 30 minute reading. By the time this goes live the lucky person will have had an email to notify her of her win. For the rest of you thank you so much for taking the time to read the whole of my email and for entering the competition. Maybe next time?

As many of you know I was at a very big Mind Body and Soul, Vegan Life & Yoga Show in Manchester last month. It was a hugely busy time and whilst the weather was glorious (sadly I missed most of it) people still came to the show. It really was a great weekend but by the time we got back from it we were both exhausted. It has taken me 2 weeks to finally get my energies back and to feel as if I am now running on all four cylinders. I have no doubt this last weekend with lots of sunshine and spending time in the garden with John has made a huge difference but until then I was really concerned that I was taking a long time to feel stronger and fitter.

When so many people are at a show like that I really struggle to protect my energies and I do get wiped out. However I need to be much more aware of taking care of myself not just during the show but before and after it. I have a very bad habit of booking myself to the last moment just before we drive off and then booking myself again as soon as we are home. Well that is the last time I am going to do that. I have learnt a very hard lesson that high energy shows together with rather dreadful insomnia do not do me any good!

I hear many of you saying what about closing your chakras and making sure your guides and the angels look after you? Yes I did all of that but when you are so very super sensitive, and many of you are just like me with this, then it is very difficult to make sure that every part of you is protected.

So I am now asking you all to think about your chakras and closing them before you go in to public spaces where you might get exhausted and zapped by negative energies. Clear the air after you leave. Keep checking your energies as often as you feel is necessary and finally add any comments to this blog to help others on what and how you do things. The more people share what they do the better as it gives everyone so many ideas.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back in touch soon and again thank you for your support but also thank you for reading xxx


  1. I would like to continue receiving your newsletters please.


  2. I would like to continue receiving your newsletters.


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