I find it quite hard to ask people for testimonials it seems so pushy. Writing this I realise how I really don’t ask & what a really lovely surprise I get when someone sends me a lovely message to say thank you! So to search through my emails has been quite time consuming to try & find some testimonials. I have found some really lovely comments & have listed them below. They are taken from emails & what people have said when either booking another reading or just at the end of their session:

‘It’s as if you know me as well as I know myself’
‘Everything you told me happened when you said & my life is so much better’
‘I know I can trust you’
‘I haven’t needed to ask any questions, you have given me the answers first’
‘You have made me feel so much better – I feel I can go forwards with a positive feeling of hope’
‘The reason I keep coming back to you is your honesty, integrity, down to earth approach & accuracy’

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this far & there is more below if you would like to read what others have said.


Sarah has been wonderful from start to finish. She knew I had some worries and expectations at my first reading, particularly as I approached her after two major family bereavements. She phoned me beforehand to be very honest about my reasons for coming, she didn’t want to know anything about me – she was very careful to explain that I shouldn’t only come expecting to get answers directly from specific loved ones. I felt that was incredibly honest of her. My reading itself was startling and an incredibly moving experience – it was as if Sarah, as certain points, had literally tapped into mine and close friends’ relatives ‘ways of speaking’ – she said words I’d heard only that day, or specific phrases particular to specific people. What was most incredible was the way I have ‘felt’ in the days following my meeting with Sarah. I got more than a reading, but a genuine lifting of my spirits as if she offers some healing at the same time without you being aware. I have no doubt I will work with Sarah again. I went to her a logical, rational slightly skeptical person looking for answers and I came away with a sense of wellbeing, hope and many of those answers. Thank you, Sarah.

Julia – Salisbury

Wow. I am a psychic but I needed some extra guidance & contacted Sarah. She is the best of the very best. She gave me some fabulous information through channelling. It was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend her. It was done through Skype as I live in Australia & she works from the UK. Please check her out.

Jane Perkins – Cooma NSW – Australia

We joined a Psychic Development Group led by Sarah a while ago. We were nervous and unsure about the group but Sarah was enthusiastic, encouraging and very supportive. She makes an excellent teacher, particularly for those who are unsure of where they are trying to go!

Pat and Neil Auckland, Gillingham, Dorset

I first met Sarah Pickles the Clairvoyant and Reiki Master three years ago. My Psychic Reading was very accurate and helpful in every way. I came away feeling enlightened and very happy with the information I was given. I have now joined one of her many workshops where she brings out our own Psychic abilities and healing which are very successful. This is done without any pressure on anybody and at our own pace. I recommend her to you very highly.

Lynda Gristwood, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Sarah came highly recommended and when she gave me a Colour Reading, I was astounded at how accurate her analysis was considering she had absolutely no personal details. Sarah is also a Reiki Master and while I was dubious of any real benefit to my physical well being, again I was surprised at the therapeutic effects. I have attended several sessions and recommended Sarah to all my friends, who have in turn, done the same. She is a gem and her sessions are caring and fun…

Linda Brown, Artist, London

I live in Australia but had known about Sarah for some time. Due to some personal issues I sought her advice. She was amazing – a long (very long) distance phone call was set. She asked a couple of questions and then went into psychic mode and told me things that have actually occurred and others that will no doubt come to fruition in the future. As an aside I am also able to predict but not for myself. So I know a good clairvoyant when I hear one. I would advise anyone reading this to do themselves a favour and get in contact with her. It will be time well spent.

Jane Pearson, Canberra, Australia

My two sessions with Sarah Pickles working as a medium were both extraordinary. I had not been quite sure what to expect and was somewhat apprehensive, but Sarah’s sensible and calming personality, as well as her down-to-earth humour, put me at ease. The information revealed in the sessions was highly personal and specific and I was able to make some breakthroughs in my work because of it. The experience also gave me a profound respect for the spirit world and the afterlife. Sarah struck me as a very gifted and warm-hearted medium who is careful to observe good practise in her work.

K. Ellis, West Sussex