Supporting those in isolation

CO-VID 19 – What a totally exhausting, stressful time this is! The news is doing a great job keeping everyone informed. For once the Government are keeping us up to date which is great. But everything is oh so stressful for so many people.

What is great is that thankfully so many people are offering help and will continue to do so. There is much positivity happening even if at first we can’t see or feel it. It really is out there.

As we now all know anyone with certain medical conditions has no choice but to stay at home and self isolate. Annoyingly I am one of those people. I don’t mind being at home. I work from home. I enjoy my time with our beautiful dogs Bella and Tori. John is around and we will continue to support each other and work from home. We can manage. What I am really struggling with is that I cannot go out in the community and offer help.

For years John and I have always been the first to offer help. We have always gone out of our way to make sure people who needed support of any kind got that support.

So this morning, whilst turning the utility room upside down, cleaning and clearing much to Bella and Tori’s annoyance, I have been wondering how I can be of help to anyone out there, worldwide of course, who needs support.

The one thing I can do is offer Reiki distance therapy. I can possibly do this every day for as long as is needed. Should I become ill and be unable to do any Reiki then I will ask John to take over from me if you are OK with that.

Reiki is not a miracle cure. It won’t stop you getting the virus nor worrying and getting stressed. It is simply a gentle way of helping. Trying to reach out to those who are stressed, who maybe are alone and feel cut off and isolated. For those that are fearful it might help to calm you a little bit. Also knowing that someone out there is also isolated but is there to offer comfort, a bit of support through a really brilliant alternative therapy might help.

You don’t have to have the virus or be ill to have Reiki. If you are feeling worried, stressed, full of anxiety about yourself or your family, friends, loved ones then do please get in touch via email/text/WhatsApp or phone me and I will gladly make you a very beautiful mandala for me to use for your distance Reiki.

I am thinking I will do this possibly around 10am and 6pm UK time each day. That’s my initial idea. I will start doing this from Monday 23rd March onwards. This gives time for people to get back to me and then I will post weekly on Facebook and Instagram.

All I need from anyone is an acknowledgement that they want the distance Reiki together with their full name and address. I am happy to include any and all animals. Children can be included only if you are the parent or guardian asking me to add them to my list.

There will be no charge. It is totally free. This is an offer for as long as I can provide the distance Reiki whilst this virus is raging through the world and whilst I am well.

If you are stuck at home then try and keep yourselves happy, motivated and strong but also please do get in touch. I am here. I will make the time. I want to help. Please ask. It’s all you have to do.

So for now take care and know you are not alone.

With many blessing. Keep safe and well.

Sarah xxx

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