Weekend Retreats

We live in a village called Kington Magna in a beautiful part of North Dorset, close to Gillingham (Dorset) & Shaftesbury. We are surrounded with the very beautiful views across the Blackmore Vale and if you like to go to Shaftesbury you can walk to the gorgeous Gold Hill, the stunning scene for a well known advertisement for Hovis. Stone Henge is just 40 minutes away and is a truly wonderful place to visit.

Many people have asked us if we could share our home with like minded people who wished to come on a simple, rural retreat in a peaceful haven, with no pavements, no street lights and best of all no light pollution. Our rush hour is 3 horses & a tractor!

As our home is not quite big enough to have people to stay  you will need to book with our local pub which is very close by and very clean and comfortable. There is also a wonderful B&B 10 minutes drive away.

You can chill in front of a fire either in the garden or in the house. You can de stress and think about where you would like to go with your life and your spiritual path with meditation both silent and guided or to just be.

This retreat can include beautiful walks to see the most breath taking views and scenes around North Dorset or if you really can’t sit still we can go out to the National Trust houses and gardens at Stourhead or Montacute. Both houses are beautiful and steeped in history and more and their gardens are very chilling. They are both only a short drive away and well worth a visit. The choice would be yours as to how you would like to spend your time. Silence and just sitting is always a very beautiful option.

If you are looking at a place to come to chill and destress then this is the place. It’s a time to laugh, cry, breath, regenerate or just be!

John and I have a huge amount of experience so together we can offer you a wonderfully relaxed, happy and very fulfilling time during your retreat with us.

Cost – £300.00 per person for 2 days, including lunches. If you need to have a reading, Past Life Regression Therapy, Reiki  and/or a session with John then there will be extra charges. Please ask over the weekend or make sure you discuss this with us when you book.

If you would like to speak with me for more information or to book a weekend please call 01747 838182  or  07971074447  or email me at info@sarahpickles.co.uk