Reiki Training

I am incredibly lucky to  work with so many special & amazing people & when I am training people in how to become a Reiki Therapist I so love to see each person progressing along their path. Somehow once I began my path with Level 1 I found I was changing within myself as well as learning to help others. I found I was meeting different types of people, people who were interested in Reiki & spiritual matters, in meditation, yoga & so many other subjects that interest me. This wonder & enjoyment has never changed since & I bless every day that I teach, mentor & support each person along their journey.

I run 2 day Usui Reiki Attunement Courses, from my home in North Dorset, for the following:

  1. Usui Reiki Level I
  2. Usui Reiki Level II
  3. Usui Reiki Master Practitioner
  4. Usui Reiki Teacher
  5. Karuna (R) Reiki Master Practitoner/Teacher – 3 days

Level 1 – This is mainly about working on your own personal healing.  Whilst each person is taught the Reiki moves for treating others any treatments of others are for friends and family only.  Discussing the 5 principles of Reiki and how to use them on a daily basis.  Auras and Chakras are also discussed.  During the course students are also taught how to try and protect themselves and not get drained whilst working with a client.  At the end of the 2 days each student is asked to keep a diary for 21 days. A recognised certificate is also awarded.

Level 2 – During these 2 days the emphasis is on learning to treat others.  Students will learn about symbols and how and when to use them.  He/she will learn how they can offer distance healing.  Each student will be encouraged to continue using their self healing on a daily basis.  Auras and Chakras are discussed in more detail than Level 1.  Information on setting up in business will also be given i.e. ideas for where to advertise, informing the Inland Revenue of self employed status, keeping accounts and hiring an accountant etc.  Again at the end of the 2 days each student will be asked to keep a diary for 21 days.  A Case study of 1 client and a brief description of self healing and if possible distant healing are also required before a certificate is awarded.

Master Teacher in both Usui and Karuna – This is a very exciting and big commitment.  It is really a way of life and  something to think carefully about.  Do you want to use the skills just for treatments or do you wish to become a teacher and if so are you aware of the responsibilities that may arise?  To me it is really a very special time therefore I like to book an appointment to discuss the way forwards before booking anyone on to either of these courses.  The training last between 2-3 days, working on how to give attunements, to learn to use the Master Symbol correctly, making sure you know how to run your own training for each level. There is so much that it is very difficult to write it all down. If possible following on from the training, after 21 days, students meet again to discuss how they are and to ensure everyone is working in a safe and secure way both for themselves and their future clients. This appointment can be over the phone or Skype if necessary.

As a Reiki Master I see my commitment to all of my students as a life long commitment to be available to offer support, if asked for it. This can be on personal, spiritual or Reiki issues. I believe it is so important to give this support as we can sometimes walk lonely paths & it’s good to know we have someone in the background whom we can call on. Training manuals are supplied for all levels.  All information before, during and after each course is confidential.

Charges on request – if you wish to stay we also supply bed & breakfast & all vegetarian meals during the time you stay.

If you would like more information then do please call me on either 01747 838182 or 07971074447 or email at