Psychic Training

I absolutely love to help people to learn about their own psychic abilities. It is the most magical thing to watch as a person begins to learn to trust their connection & to see the confidence that grows within each person. To me it is an important part of our journey through life.  I like to give people the chance to be able to work with me on a fairly flexible basis, so you don’t have to find lots of time & money if you don’t want to, but you can still work with me & that is why I offer 4 different ways for you to choose from. Many of my sessions  are filled with laughter, harmony, curiosity, positivity & more importantly learning to build a trust within you to communicate with your own spirit guides. I aim to make every person feel safe & sure they are progressing. I’m a mentor therefore I’m not there to criticise but to support, help, nurture &  guide you through your journey until you no longer need me. The choices of how you can work with me are as follows:

One to one recorded sessions to suit your diary on a monthly or fortnightly basis face to face, by phone or Skype
2 day workshops run from my home in North Dorset & if you wish you can stay the night with us
Correspondence course with the ability to work at your own pace, in your own time with me supporting you in the background
Monthly groups of up to 10 people meeting for 2 hours maximum working with like minded people

So what are some of the many things you will learn about ?

Auras – how to see them, sense them, touch them and perhaps draw them
Chakras – how to open and close them, what they can do for us
Grounding – how, should we & do we really need to bother
Psychometry – learning through touch
Card Readings – using many different types of Tarot and/or Affirmation Cards
Dousing, Scrying , Crystal Balls & so on
Plus much much more

Please call me on 01747 838182 or 07971074447  or email me to gain more information & to discuss my charges