Inner Strength Counselling

John Robinson is my husband and about 14 years ago he decided to change his own life and the lives of as many people as possible by becoming a counsellor. He is a fully qualified BABCP counsellor who has also, over the years, trained in Time Line Therapy plus Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, NLP, CBT plus much much more. Through his training and experience he has built up skills that are truly helpful to those that need to make changes within themselves.

He offers one to one counselling session working with each person allowing them to be able to become a fuller and richer person without all the issues we cary around with us all our lives. I have never known him to fail anyone. HIs main aim is to make sure each person feels safe and cared for as well as being made whole again.

Some of the emotions and issues he has worked with are lack of confidence, fear, sadness, anger, loss, mental, physical and sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder plus much much more.

If you have tried counselling and feel it hasn’t worked please don’t reject another try as I am pretty sure he will be able to help you. I am of course one hundred percent biased. He is my husband after all but I would strongly recommend if you want someone who doesn’t work the standard way and who is dedicated to helping you then give him a call and ask him how he works and see if you feel he might be able to help you.

His phone number is: +44 7970 374860

Landline number is; +44 1747 838182

Email address is: