Past Life Regression – A Few Things Worth Knowing

Ever thought of treating yourself to a wonderful experience of a Past Life Regression session? It really is a magical way to experience something that will be totally unique to you & every time you get the chance to do it again it will be different each time.

I absolutely love past life regression as it gives me the opportunity to see, feel, smell and explore what it was like in a particular era.

As I can be quite analytical with things I do, think & feel I often have wondered if what I have seen whilst regressed is true or have I just made it up. How have I set my mind at rest? Easy. I Google the year &/or the area I was in to see how correct my regression was. I’m always fascinated that so far the regression has always been correct.

An example – I saw myself as a barmaid in a pub around 1648. The pub kept using 2 different names. I could see my bare feet whilst I was serving drinks to men who were talking secretively.

  • After the session I Googled the pub.
  • It did exist years ago.
  • The pub used 2 names during the Civil War
  • The name changed depending on who they thought was winning the war.
  • I hadn’t imagined any of it!

The way I work is a little bit like this:

  • Firstly I like to speak with the person to find out why they want past life regression. This makes sure I can offer them what they are looking for and helps to start to build a relationship
  • I want the person to feel safe and secure so they can relax and have a really good experience
  • I do not want them to feel any pressure at all – this is their session & it is really important there is no stress involved before, during or after the regression
  • After the session I encourage the person to talk, if they wish, about what they have seen, felt & experienced
  • During the chat I record, if they wish, our discussion and if any information comes in from my guides I do a mini reading
  • If they would rather they can take notes whilst we talk
  • As a note it is easy to forget some of the information no matter how good our memory i

Remember the session should be exciting, informative, fun and possibly life changing but most of all you should feel safe & curious.

Do get in touch if you are interested in hearing more. I would love to help you to explore your previous lives.

Sarah x


  1. how much do you charge please


    1. So sorry for late reply. Please contact me direct on 07971074447 or 01747 838182


  2. How do we contact you please? And what is your fee?
    Many thanks …. Rosemary


    1. So sorry for late reply. My contact details are 07971074447 or 01747 838182. We can discuss everything in more detail.


  3. Hi Sarah
    I’ve experienced a group past life regression by Denise Quin probably over 20 years ago !!, as you say so amazing it’s like vivid dreaming but an incredible experience, I live in London, would you do home visits for a group ?? I know it’s a bit of a journey, and leaving your lovely countryside for london isn’t the best thing in the world so I understand If you don’t do anything outside your area.


    1. sorry , that email was meant to say to do a home visit for a group who would have individual readings and/or past life regression experience


      1. Ali! Good to hear from you. This is going live on my blog pages. Yes I can and yes I would be delighted to come to London. I’ll try and find your email and contact you direct. If you don’t get anything from me please text me your email on 07971074447. Don’t put your private details on here xxx


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