Just to say thank you and Happy Solstice and Christmas

Winter Solstice – a wonderful day with the hope of longer days, shorter nights – a time of gratitude, grounding and celebrations.

Christmas – a time of delicious foods, lots and lots of excitement mainly for little children but as I love to give presents I join that feeling of fun. It’s also a time of looking back over the year and feeling gratitude for everything that has happened. Remembering all those who have moved on with gratitude and love.

I know this year has not been an easy one for many. I have found it challenging due to health issues plus other stuff! But with the support and patience of John, my husband, and my wonderful family and very supportive friends I have managed this year with lots of laughter and courage. Without so many amazing people in my life I would not have been so positive and for that I am really very grateful.

My guides have used this year to challenge me and have sometimes shown me surprising things to help me to deal with difficult situations. Whilst not always easy to take what I have been given, on reflection, I have been pleased with their guidance.

They have also given me a challenge for 2020 which I have a feeling will continue in to 2021 but I am not going to look that far ahead. I’m going to do what they have suggested and take each small part of working with them in this challenging new way and see where it takes me. The end aim is to bring a way of working to help not just me but hopefully others as well. For those I mentor on a regular basis we may have some very interesting experiences in 2020!

I especially want to thank all those people who have worked with me over this year. I really am grateful for your trust. I hope the help has allowed each person to find a way forward to find some peace and harmony.

For every person who I speak with there is never a day that goes by when I don’t realise how very lucky I am and how very grateful I am to have met each of you and to have learnt from you.

In 2020 I will continue to provide readings, Mentoring for those who want to take their spiritual connection further, Past Life Regression therapy – this also includes parties – Usui and Karuna Reiki training and Reiki treatments – I’m thinking I will be looking at offering Reiki parties as well. Then there are the Aromatherapy Days. It could be a busy year.

I thank all of you for your wonderful support and wish everyone a wonderful Winter Solstice, a magical Christmas and a harmonious, peaceful, joyous 2020. I hope the next few days and the year ahead will be full of love, laughter and adventure.

With many hugs as always Sarah

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