Just Be You!

What a year! 2020 has been so full of emotion, worry, fear plus too many more feelings that are almost too hard to find words for. It’s been a year of loss, sadness and just complete confusion for many. A total roller coaster of emotions we wondered if we would be able to manage with so much happening.

There have been some who have found the year to have an opposite effect. The on/off lockdown has energised and also calmed. The freedom of not having to wear the right clothes and just being. Time to be!

Throughout it all I have noticed one recurring theme.

Practically everyone begins their conversation with me with an apology and certainly if not at the start it creeps in soon after.

I ask what do we have to apologise for? Enjoying lockdown? Missing our families? Being too emotional? Being scared, happy, teary, sad, angry? The list is endless but my answer is always the same.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. You are just being human and that is more than OK”.

It’s been a really tough year. It’s hurt so many in so many different ways. So pleases don’t be sorry for all your emotions, fears, hopes, laughter or just baggage. Just allow that you dealt with it the best you could and be proud of yourself and what you have achieved through a very rubbish year and remember the good times as well as the hurt and muddle.

Celebrate being you in every way and just take good care of yourself. Know that some how we will get our vaccines. We will come out the other side and we will be allowed to love, laugh, hug and play again.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a 2021 full of joy, health, keeping safe and most of all a celebration of being You.

Blessings – Sarah

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