3 Easy Ways To Help Harmonise Your Day

We all need to work on harmony and relaxation in our lives and if possible throughout each day. We spend so much time rushing, fitting too many things in our busy schedules, sometimes playing hard and always helping others BUT we often forget ourselves . These 3 easy ways that can be used as often as you wish.

  1.   5 Essential Oils to choose from to help harmonise, relax and bring a sense of calm through the day

  • Lavender of course! Everyone knows this one
  • Rose – delicious but expensive so if your budget is tight don’t push yourself to buy it as a concentrate (that’s aromatherapy jargon for not mixed), buy a ready mixed one which will be much cheaper and work just as well.
  • Ylang Ylang – so warm and smells delicious.
  • Patchouli – just totally delicious!
  • Jasmin – again a really delicious aroma.
  • What are some of their uses? All of the above can be used for relaxation, harmony, help with sleep and general calming in your rushed day. There are many other uses for them but for now these can be a pick you up for your day.
  • How to use them? Use only one essential oil each day and only 1-3 drops maximum each day. You can use a small jar of cream or a small bottle of any oil and put the one-three drops in the cream or oil and keep in your bag for the day and use as a hand cream or just rub in to your wrists. Great for stress. Change the preferred essential oil about every 3 days i.e. Rose for 3 days then Ylang ylang for 3 days etc.

2. Cleansing energies in the shower – a really useful technique when you feel people are draining your energies and you don’t know how to keep yourself rested without feeling you are rejecting anyone.

Whilst you are in the shower imagine the water coming from the shower is full of a cleansing white light. The water and light are going to wash away feelings of negativity and exhaustion. Let the light wash over you and allow feelings of harmony and rest to come from the light. When you have finished your shower the light will just switch off but will still be around you for harmony for the rest of the day. You can also visualise this technique throughout the day to help if necessary.

3. The 5 Principles of Reiki – You don’t have to be a Reiki healer to use these. Strangely they really do work and can be used any time throughout the day when you feel you need to try and destress as quickly as possible! Say each one in full and repeat 3 times. The wording can be different depending on who has trained you or what book you are looking at but the ones I use are as follows:

Just for today I shall not worry – big ask for many but really worth saying as they do work

Just for today I shall not get angry – so difficult when someone is driving you nuts but possible

Just for today I shall work honestly – that also means not being such a harsh judge of yourself and making yourself look, in your mind, like you are failing.

Just for today I shall respect all life – that includes yourself and not  being negative about yourself.

Just for today I shall count all my blessings – that includes you! You are a blessing so allow yourself to acknowledge that.

If you need to adapt the wording to suit yourself that is fine. They are just a way of help your day to be more harmonious. Always use all of them.

If you would like more information on any of the above do please get in touch. Thank you so much for reading and I sincerely hope you will have a happy, harmonious and relaxed day xxx

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  1. Thankyou Sarah
    Lovely words and thank you for taking time to share, it’s a blessing to have your blog available.


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