Thank you & some really lovely comments

Wow, what can I say. I am blown away by the very positive, heartwarming & happy responses I have had to my new look! I can’t thank all of you enough for your massive support, it has really touched me. For those that have written to me privately I am now going to write some of your lovely comments for others to see:

Just had a look at your website, it looks fab – well done. I absolutely love the panoramic picture along the top, it immediately takes you to a calm & serene place within yourself.
Sarah, lovely to hear from you. Your website looks fantastic. The colours are incredible and the whole imagery so professional, gentle, calming and magnetic.
Congratulations on moving into the technological extravaganza! I take my hat off to you xxx
Beautiful! Congrats 🙂
Logo is striking. lovely & I would wager, memorable
Hi Sarah, what a lovely site, just love the humming bird and the colours.

Thank you all xx

So for today apart from my thanks I am only going to put out my Angel message as I have been chasing my tail all morning trying to reply to everyone & I am also with Oliver (my grandson) who is off to school tomorrow for the first time ever so we have a very important day to be filled with happiness, harmony & baking. Nothing like a homemade chocolate muffin with Granny!!! So the Angel message is – ‘Only through seeing yourself reflected in others will you be able to know yourself & grow. Only through your relationships with others will you be able to improve yourself & live life fully’ – well how very appropriate is that!! Big issue but so very simply put by the Angel book by Jaun Nakamori.

Sending you all many hugs for a wonderful day filled with magic xxx


  1. It is a magical day today.24 years ago I received my 1st child into the world. We’ll be celebrating her birthday as a family later around a table at a favourite resturant. Family relationships are so important, to be role models for our younger generations they need us to reflect the harmonious world on a small scale in order for them to repeat it on a larger scale through their own life experiences. What an important Angel message for us all to reflect on.Thank you.


    1. Hello Ali – I’m so pleased you found the message relevant. I hope you had a really special day you with your daughter & thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my blog. Take care & hugs xx


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