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Today, although it is September, is the most beautiful day with a heat in the sun similar to a gentle summers day. On my journey here this morning at 7am I had the most wonderful experience of a full moon in front of me shining in the sky & a full sun shining in my rear view mirror. With mist also coming in & out of my journey the whoke effect was truly beautiful. It would have been nice to have had the time to stop but sadly there wasn’t any time for meditation or photo taking!

Now as I sit outside in the glorious sunshine, I realise how very lucky I am to be having this moment of writing my blog in these peaceful surroundings. I can hear the birds gently singing, a wind chimemis gently playing it tune & the garden I am sitting in has had the lawn mown & there is a feeling of tranquility around me. After the recent full moon on the night of Monday 8th when I have been very restless,  sleepless & jangly to now find that wonderful feeling of harmony & peace is such a joy & blessing. I hope many of you are feeling the same but if not I hope it comes to you very soon.

The Angel message for today is so very appropriate with my mood. This simple but profound book with these beautiful messages never ceases to amaze me! So the message is : ‘Flowers are the stars of the earth & birds are earth’s Angels. Every single life is a manifestation of great love’.

Wherever you are in this world & however you live, work, help & support others I hope this message will bring a smile to your day. Sending with many hugs for a magical day xxx



  1. This angel message is so true and the birds singing such a magnificent sound to sit and listen. X


    1. Thank you Kerry for responding & have a lovely day xxx


  2. Hello Sarah
    You’re new website is beautiful! Well done.
    Thank you for your Angel Messages. in a hectic life whenever I read them they always give me a sense of calm & a chance for reflection even if only for a few minutes. Sending you hugs!x


    1. Hi Samantha – thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments. I’m delighted you find the Angel messages useful, they never cease to amaze me. I’m wondring if I might start also adding a card for the day, but have yet to decide! Take care & have a lovely day xxx


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