Which is the way to progress together with the Angel message

As long as I can remember I have walked the path with similarities to a Druid without actually realising I was doing so. Now I find that the ways of a shaman is pulling me & I have no idea why but it just feels right. Interesting but …?

As the years have gone by my path with spirit has left me with a knowing within my soul that when things are jangling me I need to go deep within myself & take the time to work with my guides & the universe to be able to find the answers. Most of the time I take things as they come but recently unusual things have been getting to me & I can no longer ignore this feeling. Unfortunately it is necessary sometimes to go within ourselves with the hope we will come out with answers & hopefully in the process become a better person. So my journey for the next few days or weeks is going to be an interesting, if sometimes painful experience but I have no doubt that each journey or meditation that I take will give me answers that will show me the way forwards & will help me to find the answers. We are so often told the answers are within us but sometimes it is hard to go there & to hear the answers.

I’m really looking forward to doing this work with my guides & I’m looking forward to finding the answers & hopefully becoming a better person & I have a feeling they will show me so much more than I know now. So please bear with me or should that be bare with me? If I’m slow to respond I am around I am working & I will be delighted to hear from you.

So to the Angel message for today – ‘Your reality is a mirror that reflects your Inner Self. Observe it carefully & discover yourself’ – hm telling isn’t it!!!

Have a great day & sending you all many hugs xxx

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