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Monday 27th June 2016

We got married.! We had a wonderful day with our very special family and some really amazing friends. It was very low key with most of the organisation going to making sure that parents could relax and all children could have a happy time in the play park and playing football. It wasn’t just a day it was a great weekend and we are eternally grateful for all the help, kindness and support we have had. In total we had 23 family staying in our garden and house and we loved having them all with us.

Below is a photo of John and me and one of me on a zip wire – well I thought if Boris Johnson can do this then I certainly can and my beautiful grand daughter and I took turns and it was such fun!! I believe life is for living and life is for having fun and I absolutely loved going on the zip wire. I had to turn my skirt round, it had splits on each side, so by turning it I could sit on the zip wire and I would recommend anyone trying it to do the same. Please note no helmet – I’m not too keen on health and safety!!!

So now I have become Sarah Pickles Robinson – difficult as I don’t really want to do that. I am now Sarah Robinson in my private life but to change everything for work makes things a tad difficult so on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, my website and business cards I will stay Pickles but for the rest of the day I am definitely a Robinson! Confused? I hope not it’s simple.

IMG_1438Wedding 11 June 2016

Now on to other things! Below are my thoughts and beliefs so I hope you will find them of interest and give you pause to think.

This weekend has been such a strange time. It has really saddened me very much but I have also tried to look to the positives and to find the laughter in some of the strange behaviours of so many. I have struggled with the anger that so many have shown and also with the lack of compassion, kindness and support that I am so used to seeing and hearing. This is so not what I am about nor what I believe our wonderful country is about but then I think I can’t expect others to do as I do and it has been a time for many to express their feelings.

The shock of finding our referendum vote is taking us out of the EU has upset many.  Add to that the mayhem we now have within our political structure – we seem to be in complete chaos in Great Britain. I have been shocked and saddened by some of the outrageous comments I have seen and heard. Whatever anyones preferences and beliefs I do believe everyone has the right to a democratic vote and I do believe the path is now clear and it is now time for everyone to pull together, think positively and move forwards in the very best way we possibly can. Whilst we don’t know what the future will hold as far as the changes are concerned what I do know is that we have a great country. If we stamp out all the negative and cruel behaviour, the anger and rage and the taunting and ridicule – to name but a few behaviours – that have been going on over the last few days, actually over the last few months, then we have a very good chance of surviving the unknown years ahead.

Do the press really need to concentrate on the negatives? To name one point they keep making is how angry the younger generation are at the old people for having voted out! I’m old and I don’t wish to be linked and associated with such a sweeping statement. Not all old people voted out and not all young people are saying this so why do they keep on quoting this? They need to change their approach and find positive ideas to help the nation and start reporting on some of the suggestions that are now coming out of ways to move forwards.

The great British people are strong, honest, kind, harmonious people who don’t normally want to upset anyone. So this type of negative behaviour is not something we should support and I don’t believe it is the true nature of our very beautiful country.

The behaviours that have made me smile are the huge courage and sense of humour that has also come across and it is this that has made me realise that although as a country we may have reacted strongly, some may say badly, to the referendum results I truly believe that this week is a new week and we must all be strong, stand together, forget any antagonism and begin to look to the future as a whole nation not as an angry or divided nation.

Looking at the result from my spiritual perspective I do wonder if we can turn this around much more quickly to the countries advantage than some think. I am not a political animal. I work with my guides in quite a simple way and I don’t like to point things out when I am writing but my guides have assured me the more of us who speak about pulling together and letting the negative energies go the more quickly we can turn this whole situation around to our advantage.

So my plea to anyone who reads this is to think positively, to look to the future in a brave and hopeful way, to try and stop being angry and hurt, to stop laughing and ridiculing those who don’t believe in the same thing as you and to get the country of Great Britain back in to the kind, caring, brave, positive and helpful nation that I know we are. We will win through the hard times, we will overcome our fears and with the right attitude we will come out of this situation stronger, more positive and more able to help others along their way.

The world is not turning it’s back on us. In deed there are many countries who are supporting us and are also amazed at our courage. So lets show the world how strong we really are and lets show the world how compassionate we can be. Lets show the world that the United Kingdom is in deed united and God love us all xxx

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