Something that really made me laugh

Whilst I was doing my Reiki healing this morning I felt an amazing calm drift over my body. It was complete relaxation and made me feel a whole heap better!

I have been struggling with bad asthma these past 8 weeks with visits to the doctor on a regular basis. All very scary but frustrating as well as I am used to being very active, doing lots of exercise on a daily basis and suddenly I am unable to do anything without it impacting quite badly on my breathing. So I have started doing Reiki as much as I can. It has helped hugely but this morning I had that magical experience which has left my breathing much better and I’m feeling so much more relaxed and complete. With perseverance I know the asthma will go but gosh it’s slow!!!

I have also noticed how much social media impacts on me. I have always struggled with it and today I woke up with a very clear thought in my head. I need to be as selective as I possibly can. I also need to do all my normal positive affirmations and just be more me!



So I was highly amused when I shuffled the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams and out dropped Heyokah – Humour/Opposites! This card is all about being positive, exploring the lighter side of life, finding your sense of humour and enjoying everything or the joker may come along and do it for you. It so made me laugh to see how my thoughts and the card worked together.

So with that very positive message together with the Reiki I am stepping out on this beautiful day with a smile on my face, feeling totally relaxed and sure that I am on the right path Just For Today!

Sending love and hugs to you all xxx

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