Below are the services I offer. If you click on a heading you will be taken to the page giving you more information however I would be delighted to talk with you if you would like additional information on any of my services. Do please  contact me to have a chat or book an appointment.

John Robinson is my husband and about 14 years ago he decided to change his own life and the lives of as many people as possible by becoming a counsellor. […]

For a number of years I realised I had the ability, together with  my guides, to be able to provide a mentoring service & it didn’t have to be face […]

Although I am a psychic medium &  clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient & claircognizant your first thought must surely be is this the right person for me? So before you read any […]

I absolutely love to help people to learn about their own psychic abilities. It is the most magical thing to watch as a person begins to learn to trust their […]

I have set up my correspondence course to be able to offer a cost effective way of learning at your own pace. I feel it is very important that each […]

There are so many things that resonate with us regarding past lives. We feel we are drawn to a specific place or person and feel sure we have had a […]

I absolutely love to give Reiki & to train each person to become a Reiki Therapist. It is such a wonderful, relaxing, harmonious treatment. For me personally when I receive […]

I am incredibly lucky to  work with so many special & amazing people & when I am training people in how to become a Reiki Therapist I so love to […]

We live in a village called Kington Magna in a beautiful part of North Dorset, close to Gillingham (Dorset) & Shaftesbury. We are surrounded with the very beautiful views across […]

One very happy day I suddenly realised I had a huge interest in essential oils, this was going back 30 years, but I was not living in the UK at […]