Angel Message

Hello everyone –  I have been working a huge amount & my guides have been giving me really amazing information & help with the sessions that I have had with people around the world this week. My aim is always to be able to provide the best, most informative, helpful & accurate readings as I possibly can & ensure that each person is not only happy with their reading but feels supported & cared for. I am incredibly blessed to know so many amazing, brave & kind people so to be able to help & to be trusted is always very touching. This week it seems so many people are having to cope with sad news due to illness & my heart goes out to them especially when the are feeling helpless & sad It is so not a good place to be especially when having to support loved ones when they are poorly.  When I opened the Angel message book today & saw the message I felt it really applied to so many people I have spoken with this week – the message is ‘ You are never alone. The Creator’s love is always with you, deep within you’. I sincerely hope that this message gives everyone a feeling of hope & warmth for today. With many hugs & I hope you all have a good weekend with sunshine brightening your days  xxx


  1. Thank you Sarah. That message was perfect today.


    1. Hey Amanda it’s a joy to hear from you so glad the message fits for your day. Sending you hugs xxx


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