I’ve managed to lock myself out of my website on my Mac so I’m writing from my phone instead. Slower as I’m used to my Mac but not a problem. Isn’t technology great!

ive been away helping family for about 2 weeks so I’ve not really managed to do any writing etc. We were doing all manual labour in their home which they are rebuilding. I loved doing the work such as knocking down a wall at one point but I also had quality time with my beautiful grand daughters and some huge laughs with both my sons and John. So although hard work it was such a happy time.

Now I’m back home and oh so happy to be here. My home is my sanctuary and sacred space. So now I have ┬álots of work to catch up on and during my walks with Bella and Tori I’m getting thinking time again and managing to get a clearer idea of what I should be doing. So when I shuffled the cards for this post today I was amused to see respect as that was exactly what my guides and I had been discussing.

Its no good getting so tired and so busy if I don’t find time for my health, spiritual well being and harmony within myself and this card is all about exactly that.

We shouldn’t ignore the signs. Respect for our bodies, our mental health, healthy eating, rest, fun, joy and laughter. These should be our daily ingredients and I know when I do all those things I’m happy, joyous and content.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day x

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