This week has been such a strange mixture of emotions that it has been very hard to know quite how or what I am going to feel next and I think so many people in this beautiful country are possibly going through the same muddle.

We had an amazing time in Manchester over the 3 day event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We met some truly lovely people. The show was full of energy which was truly positive. The vibrancy of the show was just great and all the staff from the MBS and Yoga Event worked hard and it proved to be a great success.

We spent our evenings camping in Warrington. It was bitterly cold at night but during the early mornings and evenings the colours around us were just gorgeous. Being able to bond with the earth whilst camping is something I truly treasure. Whilst we would love to get a motorhome and have all the conveniences which we are so used to, it is something for now that is out of our reach so camping is the next best thing and I love it.

So we drove home feeling totally exhausted but happy. Delighted to get home to our own space, warmth and our beautiful dogs and our peaceful garden..

Then the sad news came about the terrorist attack on Monday night at the arena in Manchester. We heard it on the morning news on Tuesday and since then my emotions have been flying all over the place. When I see the news I think of all the people who have been affected by that shocking attack. In my mind we must keep positive but that must be so hard for those that have been hurt and injured and have lost a beloved child, parent, friend just anyone. The world is going topsy turvy with the hate and destruction from some. So very very sad. We live in a beautiful world and yet we can’t seem to get on.

This morning I asked my guides what anyone can do and they gave me the word “release”. I shuffled the cards and guess what came out! Release. How I wondered? I think for me the best way is to honour those suffering, to be aware, to not worry as there is nothing I can do to change the terrorist attacks, to stand in my own strength and to give support where I can.

I’ve lived with the threat of  terrorism when I lived abroad. We all handled each day as if we had no worries at all. It was common practise to look under the car for bombs every day before driving anywhere. We just got on with our lives. We did not let them frighten us and we continued to support and care for our neighbours and I think that is what I shall do within my world and my life.

So I release fear. I slowly release the sadness that I feel for and from others and I am will continue with my life without allowing any terrorists to dominant my life.

I am freedom, love,  harmony and peace and I send it to all xxx

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