A Journey I Wasn’t Expecting But Should Have!

Wednesday 6thJuly 2016

I don’t know how many times I have said to a person when mentoring we should always try and listen as spirit are so often talking to us and we ignore them! I also always say that if you don’t hear them or don’t listen don’t hound yourself for getting it wrong. We are human and we all make mistakes!

So now I hold my hand up and say I didn’t listen! There I was out in the garden, taking the food recycling to the big bin (for those of you abroad we have a small food bin for the house and a much larger one for the garden) when a voice told me to go via the patio steps. It was late, I was in a rush and I wanted to do the job quickly so I ignored the voice in my ear and I took the short cut, which has no steps but is a big step down on to gravel. Tori our 10 month old labrador puppy was with me and down we went – for me that was literally!

As I stepped off the edge of the patio, and it is a big step which I have taken countless times, Tori jumped down beside me and slightly nudged my leg. Well she’s done that so often but she is now really quite large and very solid and due to that I slightly lost my balance.  In the confusion I tried not to drop the compost bin as I had it in my head it would make such a mess!! So silly of me. I landed on a stone and my foot and balance went all wrong and over I went. The pain was a little bit harsh and it made me feel horribly sick and everything went black but poor Tori was so worried.  By nowI was on the ground and she was licking my face and trying to be helpful. Anyway to cut a long story short I broke my ankle.

So why am I telling you this? Simple really because I didn’t listen to that inner voice!!! Yes I know many will tell me I should know better and of course they are right but I am human and I’m not going to hound myself for making a mistake. We all do many times each day in some minor way and I’m the one with the consequences of this mistake.

I was Googling on Saturday afternoon with the hope that this particular journey might not be too long and trying to find out how long I might be a peg leg. I found a blog written by someone who had also broken their ankle. I thought it a great idea to read it. Hmmmm that was a bit of a surprise but a great learning curve. The first impact on me was total misery, complete negativity and not much hope for three months. The next day I had a think about what I had read and the persons’ negative approach and I decided I had read it to make me be positive and up beat about my accident.

The poor woman had obviously really struggled with everything. She didn’t have one positive thing to write about and for those that know me well you will know I can turn any negative in to a positive. I am aware it is hugely annoying to be like this but it works for me. So for me the great thing about her blog was it made me utterly positive. I decided no matter what I was going to make the best of every difficulty I come across.

She couldn’t be bothered to have a bath as it was too difficult getting in and out – yesterday which is really day 3 of this journey – I had a FANTASTIC, relaxing and wonderful bath. It was a struggle to get in and out, actually it was a tad precarious but I managed and oh my it was soooooo good. All my aching joints from using the crutches began to relax and I could wash my hair. So point one for me is nothing is too difficult I can try anything and try and enjoy it.

She couldn’t carry anything around with her – Well I agree I can’t do that either but I can drag things along when I am on my hands and knees and I can drop them down the stairs. I’m sure given a bit more agility I will be able to get around with a ruck sack on my back with all my most precious things like glasses, my tablet, my books, my cards and crystals and anything else I can think of to be moved and stored on my back.

Her hands got calluses from the crutches – Yes it is a tad hard on the hands and yes I often nearly loosing  my balance but I have loads of hand cream – another for my rucksack – and that makes all the difference so I am going to end up with beautiful hands if nothing else!

She didn’t like going up and down stairs on her butt – I haven’t managed that yet, I go on my hands and knees and I am very proud to say that I think I’m not far off giving it a go to jump up them with my crutches but that does make me a tad nervous!!!

I’m not going to mention any more of the hugely negative things she wrote as I find it all quite tiring but I would like to say a massive thank you to this person, whose name I do not know, for posting such a very negative blog because you have given me a reason to make the very best of my situation and to move forwards with a smile on my face and every challenge is going to be a positive challenge because at the end of the day it will take as long as it needs before I am all back to normal.

One thing I have been astounded at is how many kind, caring people there are who are offering us help, healing, support and huge amounts of kindness and many of those people have many issues of their own and really no time nor energy to fit us in as well. Their offers are so truly appreciated by us both and we are touched at the kindness and sincerity of so many. A massive heartfelt thank you goes to everyone.

So I’m being very positive. I’m keeping my sense of humour, I think that is really important, I’m trying new things every hour to make sure I make the most of this learning curve but more importantly I am talking to my guides all the time, asking for their help and support and listening to what they have to tell me and taking note of them. I’m hoping I won’t make another mistake somewhere along the road but if I do I will have to take the consequence but fingers crossed.

Just for today I’m listening!!!

Sending anyone who reads this much happiness joy and laughter in your life and many hugs from a smiling peg leg! xxx


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