Interview with UK Talk Radio

Thursday 20th October 2016

I was recently interviewed by a lovely guy called Geoff with Talk Radio in Bournemouth. I don’t remember the date but it was some time during the summer, it was hugely hot and he was brilliant. If you are interested in listening it’s here. Just click on it and you should be able to listen.

For many of you that know me well you will know I am quite shy at advertising myself,  I am never still, I talk with my hands so am always moving them around and I move my head all the time. I had to sit still – not use my hands but if I did make sure I didn’t knock the microphone  – finally I had to keep my head still and my mouth very close to the microphone or it wouldn’t record properly. I got so in to doing all those things I managed to loose my nerves and talk with Geoff without getting too stressed and I hope as and when you find the time to listen to it you may enjoy some it.

Sending many hugs and take care xxx

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