My idle thoughts together with the Angel message

Well this morning I am a tad tired as I didn’t get to bed till gone 2.30am this morning! The reason – I had a radio interview at 1a.m. UK time! I know I’m nuts but when I was asked I thought it would be rude to ask for another time of day. Anyway I am hoping to be able to put the interview on these pages soon. So please David from Heart & Soul Development I think I will need some help!! For those who don’t know David he is my amazing web designer & he can be contacted on

Anyway many things are filtering through my head today, but it’s all a bit woolly due to lack of sleep & as I am working this afternoon I think I had better go & sleep, but before I do the Angel message is – ‘Consider whether a particular problem or pattern keeps repeating itself in your life. If it does, this is the voice of your Inner Self, calling you again & again to wake up’! I hope it resonates with some of you & possibly helps.┬áSending you many hugs for the day & week ahead & a magical & specially harmonious path xxx

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