Hour of Power

I’ve just been for a very long and beautiful walk with Bella and Tori who were unbelievably badly behaved, not coming when called, eating all sorts of rubbish – badger pooh etc – then, not surprisingly, being sick. When we were half way round the walk, maybe even sooner, I wondered what was the matter with them as normally they are exceedingly good and they so love their walks. My mind kept wandering to their food had they had too little or too much? Were they responding like this because they had been in kennels for 2 weeks? They love Ginny who runs and owns the kennels as she treats them as her own and they spend more time out having fun going on lovely long walks and playing with other dogs most of the day. Was it because John had got home last night? I searched my mind to see if I could find the remedy and then it suddenly dawned on me it wasn’t anything like that at all. It was me!!!

Yesterday I unintentionally let someone down and whilst they had been very polite they had made it clear I had upset them.  As I walked along I mulled over what had happened and thought about what I could have done better. I wasn’t really very restful and I wasn’t really concentrating on our walk. It suddenly dawned on me that was why my beautiful dogs were behaving the way they were. It was me unsettling them. As soon as I realised and began to change the way I spoke with them they responded immediately and all the naughtiness disappeared. From then on they were as good as gold.

So this morning my learning was I have the power to be relaxed, stressed, unhappy, angry, whatever and I need to be aware of this on how my behaviours and moods react on the dogs whom I love dearly, the cat and John as well as everyone else I come in to contact with.

By the time I got back from my walk I was feeling very joyous and happy and I laughed out loud when I shuffled the cards for this blog today and out fell the Ritual of Joy!!!

Have a good one xxx

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