Friendship & the Angel message for today

Today is really very beautiful, the sun is shining & it feels like summer although it is in fact 15th September. I went for my usual bike ride today which was not only a great workout but also a challenge as I haven’t been able to ride my bike for a few weeks due to my asthma playing up, but I’m delighted to say I got round my circuit in almost my usual time & lungs still working!!!

Whilst I was cycling I thought about friendship & what it means to me & I decided to write on my blog because I felt that what my expectations of a friend are could be totally unrealistic for others. So I’m putting these words out not as a challenge or demand but purely as a thought. What do I hope to offer to a friend, why should someone want to consider themselves my friend? I know as a friend I want to be able to support when things are tough, to be available to help (on the phone or to rush to their aid if they need me to) when required, to offer honest but non judgmental support & guidance if asked, loyalty (that’s a real biggy for me) to not be afraid to stand by my friends when others can’t see their true value, to share laughter & hugs together with trust & being able to say sorry.

Now I ask myself do I expect my friends to be the same. No because they are my friend I just accept them as they are without putting restrictions on them. Friends are precious & should be valued, treasured & accepted for what they are & just allowed to be because at the end of the day we are lucky to have a friend. So to all my very special & dear friends I send huge hugs, much love & a massive thank you for being in my life.

Now to the Angel message for today – ‘Instead of angrily doling out blame, try to offer gentle encouragement. Do this regardless of whether you are dealing with yourself or others’ – I am smiling as I wrote my thoughts on friendship then opened the book & that is the page I opened it at. So very true & thank you Angels for confirming to me to just be totally accepting of people. Sending you all hugs for a magical day xxx


  1. Beautiful <3 xxx Thank you for being my friend <3 xxx


    1. Better late reply than never. Great to catch up on the phone, thank you so much for your help & guidance xxx


  2. Yes absolutely,” fist on table banging” affirmation to your friendship comments . Good to read .


    1. Thank you so much Aitch for such a really down to earth, positive & heartwarming response. I will be writing again very soon, but time she waits for no one & my time management is rubbish & getting worse it seems. xxx


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