It’s a random heading excuses isn’t it – but if you bear with me I will explain.

When I was out today walking Bella and Tori the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, no rain, no chill in the wind and no need for warm jackets. Wellies of course, the fields are wet and very muddy but it is still a beautiful day. The dogs were loving it and so was I. We were all coming back from our walk exhilarated and very happy. If I had a tail it would have been up just like Bella and Tori’s were and wagging away!

We met a lovely man on our way home. He is always cheerful, he never moans, regardless of how much his body is hurting him. I think he has had 3 hip replacements but he keeps smiling and is always so friendly and a real pleasure to meet up with. He always laughs at me because whenever he asks how I am I always say excellent! Today he queried me on my words and asked if I always am? I have a great love of life, people and animals and I absolutely love walking my dogs and being outside so why not be excellent.

Anyway from there we got chatting about various things including his move – shame he is going but he needs to. To cut a long story short he is finally moving to the house he wanted and thought he had bought in the spring. On making his second offer of the year he made no excuses to the owner, who had by this time put the price up another £30K, he would only buy the house if it was at the price he offered in the spring. No words of excuse, just a bald statement and it was taken in good heart and now he is moving and getting just what he wanted at the price he wanted. In his words I think I am meant to have that house.

Due to our conversation I got to thinking about how many times we beat around the bush or make excuses and how sometimes we come out with some pretty random comments or excuses. We all do for whatever reason. My thoughts made me smile so I thought I would share them and please remember this is a very lighthearted blog which I hope will make you smile!

“I can’t make it today to fix your …… I’m busy” – Really? Didn’t I call and you agreed to come on this day at this time?

“So sorry I haven’t turned up the dogs will destroy the house if left for an hour”Really! – What happened to you agreeing to come and help?

“With Christmas looming …..” Really! Is it that soon?

“I’m so sorry I’ve double booked”- Really – we all make mistakes but to double book months in advance is very random

“I need to speak my truth” – Really? Not sure if that is a real excuse or an excuse to say something they think might not be taken well but it always makes me smile

“Everyone always speaks very highly of our products” – Really! Does that mean they do or just that they don’t want to admit their product/s may not be perfect when someone complains.

I could write so many more. We must have all heard hundreds over the years and far too many to remember but my most favourite was a comment made by a trader who wanted me to go to her stand at a show and buy something –

“I think you need a flowing dress to wear now” – She said it straight, she wanted a sale and her excuse – she didn’t think I was dressed appropriately for the event. Was I upset – No – I thought it hilarious and still do, she was doing a good job at selling her stand and also trying to be polite!!! Love it.

So whenever you think about an excuse someone has used, if you think it deserves a  Really! or it is a tad random do note it and I hope it will bring a smile to your face rather you feeling hurt and rejected or totally frustrated because yet again a job you so wanted doing hasn’t been done. Remember we all make mistakes and as John would say it is about them not you. Keep smiling and laughing and enjoy each day. It works for me hope it will work for you also.




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