It’s a random heading excuses isn’t it – but if you bear with me I will explain. When I was out today walking Bella and Tori the sun was shining, […]

Thursday 20th October 2016 I was recently interviewed by a lovely guy called Geoff with Talk Radio in Bournemouth. I don’t remember the date but it was some time during […]

A new name new beginning

  Monday 27th June 2016 We got married.! We had a wonderful day with our very special family and some really amazing friends. It was very low key with most of […]

7th May 2016 I have a sister, I think I may have mentioned her in the past, who decided 6+ years ago to have no contact with me. That was […]

This MBS event is a really fantastic 3 days of so many stands selling too many products to mention but also offering so many spiritual ideas it is well worth the visit […]

It’s Wednesday 16th September and so far I have had a very interesting, if at times challenging week. I’ve had many lovely walks with ( just 4 month old labrador […]