Alternative versus orthodox medicine – can they work together?

Its been an interesting few weeks. Actually it all started just after the great but demanding weekend at Alexandra Palace. I was walking along through the fields, as I do with my dogs Bella and Tori every day, when quite suddenly I realised how difficult it was for me to breath. Next step was when I got home to use my asthma puffer. Sadly when I got there it was out of date by 6 months. I thought no problem a quick call to the doctors and I would be fine.  Wrong! Because I was new to the surgery I had to go and see a nurse then 3 different Doctors and so it has gone on for 12 weeks.

Whilst it is very scary to not be able to breath I have learnt to not fight it. As soon as I stop trying to breath and just relax I found things began to settle. It wasn’t all instantaneous but with patience this really did help me hugely.

Reiki certainly has played a large part in helping me breath as well. John has many times put his hands on my back whilst I have been struggling and the amazing heat and healing from his hands has had almost an immediate effect. I’ve also given myself Reiki on a daily basis which has also made a massive difference. Add to that the use of essential oils being used in defusers in all the rooms that I am in during the day and we have truly done what we can to help me get over this.

All the way through this I have been very clear in my head that whilst the Dr could not pin down what is causing my asthma to kick in so badly there must surely be a reason – surely it doesn’t just come along all by itself! We have looked at dust, dust from the coal fire especially when it is cleaned out, dust from vacuuming and of course my food intake. There must be something that is kicking this in but neither of us have been sure quite what because every time we thought we had pinned it down we were wrong! Very frustrating but at the same time fascinating.

The very big problem for the medical profession is that I cannot be treated in the usual way as I seem to have an allergy to the drugs they would normally prescribe to an asthma patient having chronic attacks. As I totally believe alternative and orthodox can work together so I decided to contact a good friend of mine who is an amazing kinesiologist. We have worked together over the phone and she pin pointed many many foods she thinks I should not be ingesting. Quite a few I already knew about the rest, and the list is long, were a surprise but I was happy to go along with it and give it a go.

The result? Within 3 days my breathing had begun to settle and now 12 days later my breathing is back to normal. What a brilliant result. Next step is my next appointment with the doctor and see where we go from here and do I need to live like this for the rest of my life? Do I mind doing without all those foods like sugar, yeast, dairy, wheat etc.etc and that also includes alcohol? No strangely enough I feel so much better it is a huge relief but also I feel great. My body no longer hurts and I feel so much more energy and most importantly I can breath. I still have a way to go but it has shown me very clearly I really do need to think very carefully what I put in to our bodies.



  1. So pleased and relieved you are working things through and feeling better. I have read quite a lot lately about the rise in allergies to foods and their link to pesticides and chemicals. In a way it has been a blessing that you are not able to take the conventional drugs as it has caused you to establish the cause rather than mask symptoms with drugs! I imagine there are many others in the same boat, I hope this will inspire them to dig a little deeper xxxx


    1. Hey Liz – nice words and yes I totally agree. As always very wise thoughts coming from you. A massive thank you for your support. xxx


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