3 days of MBS & Yoga Show, Alexander Palace 21-23 October 2016

Thursday 20th October 2016

I’m off to London very early tomorrow morning for the annual 3 days MBS and Yoga Show. I’m looking forwards to it with trepidation and excitement. Trepidation because you never know what is going to be thrown at you and excitement because I know I shall meet lots of wonderful people, some I know already and some who are new faces and energies to me.

I always find, even with an early start, the drive calms me down and allows me to get in the mood to be able to set my stand up in peace and harmony. The 3 days are filled with so many changing energies, so many people around  They say there are about 6000 people who will visit and the noise is huge. Strange isn’t it for a show such as this to be filled with noise you would expect it to be quiet and harmonious but it’s very noisy and harmonious.

Somehow during the readings I find myself  tuning in to each person in spite of all the people walking past, the incredible noise the loud speakers will be making, the noise of the music and those interrupting and just generally enjoying their time at the show. It really is a little crazy but it all works.

For the organisers it is the culmination of weeks and months of hard work, organisation, I’m sure frustrations and hiccups but once we are all settled and happy with our stands I guess it is just a case of them opening the doors for 3 days, keeping the traders happy and then afterwards they must surely sigh a big sigh and have the following week off and then back to normal and organise the next show – Manchester I think?

For me the show is always exhausting and exhilarating. Working with my guides in strange energies is always a joy but a challenge as I must be sure to look after my energies and not let anything negative get in the way. It is also very important when doing so many readings, changing people and their energies every half hour means I must very quickly clear the air around me and then start again. In essence nothing difficult about it but at the same time I know I must keep my energies protected or I won’t last the 3 days.

When I am working from home or on the phone, Skype or FaceTime I tend to tune in to each person 15 minutes before their appointment. I write down everything I get from spirit with regard to the person and it allows me to know if I have tuned in properly when I tell the person what I am getting or what I have written down. It clears the air for those that are new to readings and it shows each person that I am tuned in. For those who don’t believe or are feeling they aren’t sure if I am the right person this normally shows us both that my guides and I do have it right and we can then continue with the reading.  At the show I won’t get the time to do that, so I have to rely on spirit to give the information very rapidly to ensure I can give the most accurate and helpful reading possible. It isn’t always a doddle but it seems to work.

On the Friday and Saturday nights I go back to the hotel and just relax. I don’t go to restaurants for a meal I grab a salad from any supermarket I pass on the way back there. I need to be alone and I need to have total relaxation time to just rest, chill out and recharge my batteries. On the Sunday night obviously I have the drive home which can take anything between 3 – 7 hours depending on traffic and the London streets. The normal is 3 hours but I have been stuck on the M25, M3, A303 or right in the middle of London for up to 7 hours – not fun but again it is a time for chilling. I tend to put my mind in neutral and just drive and if there are any hold ups I just go with the flow. I often will use the Reiki 5 principles to build up my energies and if I am fighting against having to sit in the car in a traffic jam they work a treat at making the time go very quickly.

I also use Reiki to make my stand feel happy and peaceful and often people will stop to chat or come for their reading and they comment on how peace may area is. I’m always delighted when someone says this as it confirms that what I am doing is right. I don’t just clear once I clear as often as I can and I include myself in the Reiki energy as well as putting time aside to ground myself each morning. If there is any free time between appointments I do it all again and that way my stand, my guides and I can provide the best possible.

So that’s a little bit of what the weekend will be like for me. So if you have nothing to do or if you have already decided to come to the show come and say hello, We, my guides and I , will be delighted to see you and perhaps spend a little time talking with you.

Have a great weekend xxx


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